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Wings and WishesI am at home from school, because I am sick. sealed I have nothing else to do but read and write book reviews. laughing After finishing the Makeover Magic, I read the Wings and Wishes from Janey Louise Jones’ Angel Academy series. This is the first book I have read form Janey, but I know she is the author of the bestselling Princess Poppy stories. I have heard a lot of good about it, might read them later.

Gabrielle was going to Angel Academy. She was exited, it was her first time going to Angel Academy. They hopped in the car and drove off to the woods were Gabrielle would be collected. Right then a horse with wings landed next to the car! Gabrielle said goodbye to her mom and dad with tears in her eyes. Then she got on the horse and they flew away. Gabrielle was thinking of what her new life would be like. The horses name was Domino it could talk. As soon as Gabrielle landed she became very nervous and wanted to go back home to earth. She was now in Angel land. "WHOW" this is amazing, thought Gabrielle. The head gave Gabrielle wings and a gown so now she looked like an angel she already had a halo. Everything was so pretty. She went to flying lessons and potion- making lessons. She was training to be a guardian angel. Her roommates were called Ruth Bell and the twins who were called Hope and Charity. Some days flew by and Gabrielle and Ruth became the best of best friends. Although they were not the same in any ways they were great friends. Gabrielle was an earth angel. They found a rock that had got stolen from a mistress (a mistress was a teacher) in Gabrielle’s wardrobe. She said it wasn’t her who stole it. They found out that a girl called Lulu stole the stone and put it in Gabrielle’s wardrobe so that Gabrielle would get in to trouble. Lulu got expelled for the rest of the term! Gabrielle felt bad for Lulu. They had a lovely end to the term. They are looking forward to the next term.

I think the Wings and Wishes was great, I rate it 9 out of 10. Looking forward of reading more books from Janey Jones.

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