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Princess DisGraceWe went to the library yesterday, and I have found another boarding school themed book series. It is the Princess DisGrace, written by Lou Kuenzler. I only started to read it yesterday at 3 O'Clock, and have the review written today before lunch. I guess I liked it a lot wink

Grace was starting Tall Towers to learn how to be princess. Once Grace got to Tall Towers she was amazed at all the princesses. They wore gowns of every colour and lovely shoes also in every colour. Everyone was graceful, and even though Grace should be graceful because of her name, but she was not at all graceful. She was clumsy, tall and broad. Her cousin Precious was not at all pleased that Grace was here.

A lady gave Grace her uniform and a few gowns and shoes.  The first lesson was deportment class. Grace asked her best friends (she had made best friends with a girl called Scarlet and a girl called Izumi) what deportment is but they did not know what it was either. When they did deportment they had to balance heavy books on their heads, but the books fell of Graces head every time.

Grace was chosen to be the Golden princess of the show. On the day of the show Grace wore the golden dress. Precious was furious that Grace got chosen to be the golden princess. Precious put beads on the step. Grace slipped in her dress because of the beads. So Precious got punished. The punishment was to muck out all the stables. It serves her right.

I have to rate 10 out of 10, I absolutely loved the First term at Tall Towers, and already reserved the Second term from the library. Cannot wait to find out what happens to Princess DisGrace next year. smile

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