Bee Happy

Rainbow Beauty - Blueberry WishesThis is the third book of Kelly McKain's Rainbow Beauty series. The first two were Peppermint Kiss and Strawberry Summer.

Abbie, Grace, Saff( Grace and Saff are Abbie’s sisters) and mum had moved from the city to the country, into a small and very dirty house, and now they ran their own spa, called Rainbow Beauty. Abbie had made friends with Ben, summer and Marco.

Abbie had just made spicy delight bubble bath and warming cinnamon and sandalwood massage oil. It was 3 o’ clock on a Saturday and the clients were walking in the door. They were getting a treatment or a massage or waiting on the purple velvet sofa.

Unfortunately a shiny new spa opened close to them in the town, and started to steal their customers. The new place had lots of special offers, so Saff started giving people a free manicure.

Grace, Abbie and Saff were going to London to see their dad.  Dad had made a deal with a shop in London, which ordered Rainbow Beautie's zesty zing shower gel. After they got home from London the shop in London said they don’t need their products any more.

Abbie’s family were running out of money and the landlord was going call for the rent money in 2 weeks. So Abbie set up a fundraiser. Summer`s mom was going to sell plants and cakes. Abbie was going to sell some spa products, and Saff would do manicures.

Abbie’s mom said they better move to London, because they didn’t have enough money. Abbie had convinced her mom to stay. They had got enough money from the fundraiser to pay for the rent. So they could stay!  Everyone started coming to Rainbow Beauty!

I would rate this book 10 out of 10. I love Kelly McKain and her books. This is another very interesting and easy to read book.


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