Bee Happy

Last Term at Malory TowersThis is the 6th, last book of the original Malory Towers series.

My last term Thought Darrel. Darrel! Called Felicity, Daddy said `get in the car or will be late`! So Darrel grabbed her tennis racket & her lacrosse stick her trunk & her nightcase. She hurried down the stairs two at a time like she always did & got into the car. Atlas I thought you would never come: said Daddy. The journey took an hour. Once they got to Malory Towers Darrel went to a group of girls they started talking about their holidays. Felicity ran over to a group of girls & started a long talk about new girls and mistresses. Everyone went inside & went up to their dormitories unpacked there stuff and went down to tea. It was a splendid supper. Two new girls were introduced their names were Amanda and Suzanne. Suzanne was French she was meant to learn to speak English properly. Amanda decided to train June (June was good at tennis but she never showed it because she was messing) at tennis. So she can go into the 2nd team. She got in to the team. Her team WON! Amanda swam in the see and June saved her just in time. But Amanda had got knocked into a rock and her leg got badly swollen. So she could not play any more games. They had a feast. It was a lot of fun & they did not get caught.

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