Bee Happy

The Great Rocket RobberyI got the Frank Cottrell-Boyce's The Great Rocket Robbery as a free book on world Book day. I love to read, so it wasn't a question if I'll get a book or not. laughing It wouldn't be my first choice, but I wasn't there when dad picked it. It was a great and funny book, no regrets.

Hi my name is Barker. I am a listening dog. It all started when Mr Mellors (my owner) bought me and told me I was to be a listening dog. So that’s what I do be a good listening dog. But the thing is I’ve always wanted to go into space so… I will go to space one day. That did happen one day. Me and Laika (Laika was my friend) almost got caught by the man with ahead shaped like an egg. (He tries to catch dogs with no home!) We escaped by going down a tunnel. FEW! We went outside and found a Rocket. We went inside put on the put on the spacesuit one in the legs and one in the head. We went off into space. We met aliens they were nice so we let them on ta the Rocket. We went down to earth with the aliens. The aliens decided to live on earth. They thought it was a lovely place. The aliens also disguised as dogs. They found a good place to live. Everyone lived happily ever after.

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