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After School ClubHelena Pielichaty’s After School Club series is made of 5 different books. All of them feature a different child from the After School Club. This one is about Sammie.

Sammie’s school was raising money for children in need. Whichever table raises the most money, got to go to Radio Fantastico! Sammie lied and said she raised £100, even though she only raised £50.

She used to go to Rosie’s (she is a childminder), but now she goes to ZAPS (their after school club).

Brody, another girl from the after school, left her purse there by accident. All her money from the fundraising was in it. Sammie planned to give it back, but she gave it to her teacher instead. She told the teacher that she raised it.

Soon she got caught with the lie. Sammie got called into the office. She got into big trouble. Brody wasn’t too crossed with Sammie.

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