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The worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline WilsonToday I finished reading The worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson. One of my friends lent it to me the other day. It was very nice of her, I love all the books form Jacqueline Wilson. smile

I was looking forward to reading this book for a while now. I have a sister too and wanted to see if it is only us. innocent Apparently not. Marty is the main character in the book. She is 2 years younger than her sister Melissa. Melissa is a girly girl, while Marty is the opposite.

The worst thing about Marty’s sister was that she always got her way. Sometimes I feel like Marty too (but sometimes I get my way though).

If they had a fight, she would never get in trouble, and Marty would.

One day, their mom told them, they had to share a room, because she needed Marty’s room. When they were in Melissa’s room, they had a big fight. Marty pushed Melissa off the bunkbed’s stairs. Melissa lay still on the floor, not moving or talking.

Marty’s mom and dad took her to the hospital. Marty was so scared, but 2 days later Melissa came home, she was fine again. Yay!

After that, Marty and Melissa still had fights, but they were careful not to get hurt. Even though they still fight sometimes, they are friends now.

I rate Jacqueline Wilson's The worst thing about my sister 10 out of 10.

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