Bee Happy

Sapphire BatterseaMy real name is Sapphire Battersea. I am 14 years old. It is my last day at the foundling hospital. The people in the hospital called me Hetty Feather. I hate it, it sounds so stupid. My mom is the cook (her name is Ida) but she is not meant to be here. Nobody knows she is my mom. It is our secret.

A few weeks later the matron found out, and she made Ida move out. I was so sad. I cried myself to sleep. The next day I was sent to work as a servant for a rich man. All the girls in the hospital would be servants, and all the boys would be solders. Life was hard and I didn’t get much time to play, only Sunday afternoons.

One day while I was serving the man his tea, I had a fight with him. He had taken something form me, so I screamed at him. He told me I was fired. I had nowhere to go. I was on the streets. My mom gave me a letter, and it said where she was working. I got the train to find her. When I hopped off the train, I met a nice family. They said I could stay in their house for 2 weeks. It was their summer house. This was amazing. If they hadn’t asked me, I would have nowhere to stay.

Mom had a really bad cough, she had to go to the hospital. I visited her there every day. But one day, while I was talking to her she died. I was shocked, scared and sad.

A month later she talked to me!!! I could not see her so it must have been her spirit. “Hetty, my dear. You are NOT an orphan. You still have one parent alive… Why don’t you try to find your father?” she said.

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