Bee Happy

Eva's JourneyA couple of days ago, we got to go to the library again. We were only allowed to stay 15 minutes, but it was still enough to find some excellent books. This time I got the Eva series from Judy Curtain. Eva's Journey was the first book I read, but there are more to follow.

Eva used to be very rich and posh but one morning Eva’s dad lost his job. They had to sell their house and their cars. Eva moved to a small, old, dark house, and a new school. She was going to start in the school in 1 week. When they moved to the new house Eva went for a walk and found a sign about a fortune teller, called Madam Margarita, so she went into her house. When Eva came out she walked back to her house quickly. Madam Margarita had said to Eva to help people and she would get her old life back. When she went to school she saw a girl called Ruby who needed help. Eva was sent to the market where she saw Ruby behind a stall. That’s why she didn’t have time for friendship. Over next few weeks Eva helped Ruby at the stall, they started to become friends. One day Ruby asked Eva back to her house, so Eva came. She was very surprised to that Ruby brought her to Madam Margarita’s house. Ruby explained that Madam Margarita was her mum, and she was called Maggie not Madam Margarita, and she wasn’t a fortune teller. She just wanted to make some money, because they were very poor. Maggie made really nice bracelets, and Eva sold them for €5 a piece, then she gave the money to Ruby. Eva now had way more friends than she used to. She was happy now.

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