Bee Happy

The Suitcase KidDuring the summer holiday, there is a reading competition at our local library. I was so busy reading a new book almost every day, that I didn't have time to write reviews. Until I found out that as part of the competition, we can write book-reports and have a chance to win a book voucher. 

Andy’s parents split up, one week Andy lived with his mom and her mom's partner (who Andy called the baboon), Katie (who was 10 like Andy, but much smaller and pretended to be cute), Paula (who was 4) and Graham (who was very shy).

Then the next week, Andy lived with at her dad’s house with his new wife and Crystal (who was 5) and with her twin Zen. Carrie (her dad’s new wife) was pregnant.

Andy had a toy rabbit called Radish, who she played with a lot. Andy’s old house was called Mulberry Cottage. On her way to school – which was half an hour away – Andy discovered a lovely garden with a pond and a mulberry tree, and liked to play there. Then one day she lost Radish, the rabbit. The next day she told her parents, and they went over to get it back. The owners came out. Andy got scared, but they were a very nice old couple. They found Radish in the pond, beside the boat Graham made. Soon they were almost like grandparents to Andy. They even made Andy a tiny Mulberry Cottage inside the mulberry tree for Radish.

Katie was mean to Andy, because they had to share a room. Andy found out that Katie didn’t sleep all night! Andy asked Paula why, and she said that when their mom died, the nurse said she went to sleep. Katie didn’t understand it, and now she is still scared of going to sleep. Andy felt very bad for Katie, so they both started to be nice to each other.

Now Andy and Katie are best friends. In the meantime Carrie’s baby was born, and they called her Zoe.


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