Bee Happy

The Butterfly ClubThrough the summer holiday, there is a reading competition at our local library. I was so busy reading a new book almost every day, that I didn't have time to write reviews. Until I found out that as part of the competition, we can write book-reports and have a chance to win a book voucher. cool

Tina, Phil and Maddie are triplets. Phil’s real name was Philippa and Maddie’s was Madeleine, but nobody called them that. They were all starting their first day in 3rd class, and they were going to have a really strict teacher, called Miss Lovejoy. On the first day Miss Lovejoy put them all in different tables and she put Tina with Selma (Selma was a bully) even though Tina was very small and had a heart condition. Tina’s mom asked if Tina could move tables, but Miss Lovejoy said no. Tina brought a tiny doll to help her cope, but when she was washing her hands in the bathroom, Selma took her doll from beside the sink and flushed it down the toilet! But Tina forgave her.

Then one day Selma invited Tina to her house! They had a nice time and had pizza and watched telly until Selma started being cheeky and her stepdad sent her to bed even though Tina was still there. Selma was crying and Tina went to see if she was okay as she was cuddling baby (baby was Tina’s tiny doll), so she hadn’t flushed baby down the toilet.

The next day Selma gave baby back to Tina. Miss Lovejoy wanted just Tina and Selma to make a butterfly garden. Maddie and Phil offered to help, but Miss Lovejoy said no. Selma and Miss Lovejoy did the digging, and Tina collected rubbish and pulled weeds. 2 weeks later they were ready to get the plants.

Tina and Selma had a bake sale to raise money. The next day, they bought the flowers. Once they were planted, it looked lovely and lots of butterflies came.

Then the telly interviewed Tina, Maddie, Phil, their mom and Selma too about the butterfly garden. Lots of people saw it. Selma and Tina became best friends forever!


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