Bee Happy

Vicky AngelThroughout the summer holiday, there is a reading competition at our local library. I was so busy reading a new book almost every day, that I didn't have time to write reviews. Until I found out that as part of the competition, we can write book-reports and have a chance to win a book voucher. cool

Vicky and Jade were best friends. Vicky was always the bossy one. One day Jade and Vicky were having an argument, because Jade wanted to join the drama group, but Vicky didn’t. Jade wasn’t brave enough do it by herself, and anyway she always did what Vicky wanted.

Jade was a bit crossed as they were walking home from school. Vicky whacked Jade with her school bag and Jade got more crossed. Then Vicky walked out on to the road without looking (by accident) and got knocked over by a car. She screamed and then silence. Loads of people crowded around Vicky, then they called the ambulance.

Vicky’s mum looked white with worry in the hospital. Despite lots of tests and great effort from the doctors, Vicky died in the hospital. Jade was really upset.

One day, when Jade was walking home, Vicky came to talk to her. Vicky became a ghost (or an angel) nobody could see or hear her only Jade. The problem was that Vicky still bossed Jade around. When Jade wanted to be friends with a nice boy, called Sam, who understood how Jade felt, Vicky only wanted Jade to be her friend dead or not. Vicky called Sam names when she talked to Jade and said: “I’m the one who’s dead so you should do what I want!”

Every time Jade walked to school the place where Vicky died had more and more flowers, teddies and cards. Then Jade got a counsellor, called Mrs. Wainwright. Jade told Mrs. Wainwright about how she couldn’t get Vicky to leave her alone. Now, anywhere Jade went Vicky went too. Mrs. Wainwright told Jade to concentrate really hard on leaving Vicky in the library, close the door and walk away- and it worked. But Vicky couldn’t stay there forever, although, Jade could put her in the library whenever she wanted and could be friends with Sam too.


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