Bee Happy


My great success and other failuresThrough the summer holiday, there is a reading competition at our local library. I was so busy reading a new book almost every day, that I didn't have time to write reviews. Until I found out that as part of the competition, we can write book-reports and have a chance to win a book voucher. cool

Jessica was great at drawing cartoons, but nobody though this was good. They thought drawing cartoons was useless.

Then one day Jess’ older sister asked her to draw a cartoon that would make people more aware of climate change. So Jess drew a picture of two dolphins saying to each other “I remember when all this was fields!” Her sister Tammy was very pleased. She put it up on Newsworth, and suddenly it went viral. Now all her friends and family believed being able to draw cartoons was a good thing.

The local newspaper came to interview her. They offered her a job drawing cartoons for the news once a week, and she got €20 every time.

Three weeks later the news headlines were “Did 11-year-old steal insurance ad?” It turned out, someone saw an insurance ad with dolphins, and now they thought Jess had stolen the idea. Everyone apart from her friends and family believed she had, so now Jess lost her cartoonist job at the newspaper.

Luckily Tammy checked the date of the insurance ad, and it turns out that the insurance company copied Jess! surprised

The company apologized, and donated some money to Jess’ charity of choice. The newspaper gave Jess’ job back. Next week Jess, Tammy, their brother Ryan and their dog Lady all had their photos in the new.

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