Bee Happy

I'm having my birthday party tomorrow. 🤗 My mum makes my birthday cake. She let me help her mixing the dough. Of course it turned out perfect. 😁 We made a chocolate sponge with chocolate cream in it. And a busy bee on the top.

First mum measured out all the dry ingredients and asked me to mix it with a wooden spoon. 

While I mixed, she separated the eggs and prepared them. Then I mixed in my dry ingredients, and used the beater to mix it until it got to the right consistency. (mum told me, I have no idea what it means 😁)

Bee shape birthday cakeThen she transferred the mixture into the cake shape and put it to the oven. We baked it for 30 minutes on 180°C.

For the filling, we made a chocolate mousse.

First, I dissolved the cocoa power in hot water, and mom melted some chocolate in a water bath.

I got to beat the cream with sugar to really hard. I turned upside down, and didn't fell out. It was a bit scary, I didn't want to make a mess if not hard enough.

I stirred in the cocoa and a bit of Nutella in the melted chocolate. After that, mom folded in the whipped cream carefully. She didn't even let me try it.

Mom cut the cake in three and spread the mousse in between. Dad made the marzipan decoration for the top.

It turned out to be gorgeous. I cannot wait to try it tomorrow with my friends. 😁

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