Bee Happy

We only have one rhubarb bush ( or plant???) at home, but we got to make rhubarb jam many times by now. The last time, we harvested 3 kilos of the sticks. Did you know the leaves are toxic and only the stems are edible? 🤔I know it too. 😉

As per usual, we compost the leaves from the rhubarb too. 

After us kids cleaned the rhubarb, dad chopped the sticks up to small slices. About 1 cm thick. 

We put it in the biggest pot we own, and started to cook it on medium heat. Make sure to stir it constantly or it will burn.

When it had about 2 cm juice at the bottom of the pot, I put 2 kilos of granulated sugar in it. Just keep stirring, just keep stirring...

Dad squeezed 3 lemons and we put it in the mix with the lemon zest too.

After that, he added some pectin to thicken the jam.

Mum added a pod of vanilla in the end too.

Rhubarb jamWhen all the rhubarb bits are nice and soft, we filled the sterilized jars and canned them with a pressure canner.

In the end, we got 14 jars (all different sizes of old jam and honey jars)

This was the third and the biggest harvest of the same bush this year. At the second time, we added the same amount of sugar as the rhubarb. It turned out very sweet. I loved it, but mom and dad couldn't even eat it. It will be gone though🙊. The first batch, we added only one kg of sugar to 2 kgs of rhubarb. It is very tart, mom and dad can eat those jars. After trying this batch, it is in between the last two. All of us liked it soooo much. 😛

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