Bee Happy

For today's dinner, we made some spinach lasagne. It is such a simple and easy recipe, it's a child's play. 😁

First we had to make the spinach sauce from our home grown spinach (actually swiss chard) leafs.

Spinach LasagneAfter washing it thoroughly, just put 600 grams in a large pot with a little water to boil. I had to stir it occasionally to make sure it won't burn. When all the leaves were soft and soggy, dad added 3 cloves of garlic and 200 ml milk. When the milk boiled, I got the hand blender to mush up all the spinach to a constant mush. 😁 

While I did the spinach sauce, dad made the bechamel sauce. This was his tastiest attempt yet. 👍wink

For the bechamel, he used 60 grams of butter, 60 gram of flour, 600 ml milk and 60 gram of cheddar cheese. First he melted the butter in a sauce pan and added the flour. When he mixed it all in, he added the milk slowly. He had to stir it constantly to make sure it won't stick to the bottom of the pan. When the milk was hot, he put the shredded cheese in it and let it melt. He kept it on medium heat until it got to a gooy and sticky. Adel cranked in some salt and pepper, and it was all done.

To assemble the dish, we had a deep tray for the oven. First I spread a soon of the spinach sauce to the bottom, to stop the lasagne from sticking to the bottom. Than we put a layer (4 sheets in our case) of lasagne sheets. Then a layer of spinach and some shredded cheese. Then another layer of lasagne sheets. Then another layer of spinach and cheese. Then the last layer of lasagne sheets, and we poured all of the white sauce to cover it. Mom likes the lasagne with a lot of white sauce. 

We baked it in the oven for 20 minutes on 180 °C. Then dad put a layer of sliced cheddar cheese on the top to add a little colour. He put it back for another 20 minutes on 200 °C.

It was all very easy and simple. Sometimes we add sundries tomatoes to the middle too, but not this time. It was perfect they way it was. cool

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