Bee Happy

Operation Transformation 2019Last Saturday my family and I among another 1000 people, took part in the Operation Transformation walk by the Honeyfitz theatre. It was great to see so many people turn up to support a local lady, Jean Tierney in her transformation efforts. There where lot of cameras around, I might be in the next episode on TV 🤗

Before the walk, we had to register online. Mom registered all of us a few days earlier. When we arrived, a lot of people was already there. Soon after we went to the nearby Lough Gur School's sports ground to warm up before the walk.

When we too off, all the people walked on the road. It was amazing to see so many people walking. We took over the entire road. At a junction, where we had to turn, a garda car blocked the road and stopped the traffic.

 We had to hurry, because mom had to go to work after the walk. And I mean HURRY. We finished the 5k in 45 minutes. I was ready to cry at that point. Of course dad pushed Adel and Adam in the double buggy, they had a lot of fun and could have gone more.

After the walk, we quickly went home and mom went to work. I had a little rest and had lunch, and we were off to Limerick. Two of my best friends' birthday party was in the Jump Lane. 

What a busy day it was. 😅