Bee Happy

Largest bird statue in EuropeWhile we were in Hungary we went to Tatabánya, to check out a very old cave and the Turul Bird statue. It is the biggest bird statue in Europe. The cave and the Turul is on the 369 metre tall Gerecse Mountains. From the city, there is more than 450 stairs bring us up to the Turul monument. I actually counted it, but forgot the exact number of stairs, J it took soooooo long, and was really hard work. By the way, there is a road to drive up as well, but mom and dad wanted to walk the stairs with us. We all got to the top eventually. Luckily there is a playground too, to relax and play a bit.

“The historic memorial Tatabánya, Turul Memorial.

Portraying the nation’s mythological bird is one of many memorials celebrating the millennium of the magyars’ conquest of the Carpathian basin. One of the largest bird sculptures in Europe, Gyula Donath’s bronze work was unveiled in 1907 on the thousandth anniversary of the battle of Bánhida, which in the tradition of the chronicles, was fought in 907. “– National Heritage Institute.

Szelim - caveFrom there, it is only a short walk to the Szelim-hole. There were people living in it 70-80 thousand years ago. The archaeologists found human and all sorts of big animal bones and tools made from stone. In the very top layers, they found tools and broken dishes from the middle ages. So it was lived and used until about a 1000 years ago.

Because of its archaeological and prehistoric significance, and its dominant landscape character, the Szelim-cave have got a highly protected status in 1982, when my dad was born.