Bee Happy

petting dearsWhile we were in Hungary for our holiday, we went to Győr, to visit the zoo. It was pretty cool. Right after we went in, we got our picture taken. The first animal we saw was a camel. It is huge. J Then while we were walking to a section, where the old Hungarian animals were, we had to go through a herd of dears. They were so cute. The visitors were able to rub them as they walked in and out of their cordoned spaces. In the native section, we saw the buffalos, sheep and cows.

feeding a giraffeAfter that, we got to the giraffes. Mom bought special food with the tickets, so we got to feed some of the animals. All of us wanted to feed the giraffes.  Their tongue is ribbed, and can wrap it around my hand to get the food pellets. It was tickly, and a bit scary, but when Adam and Adel both fed them, I had to do it too. God news, I still have all my fingers. J

Then we saw a rhino, and read a story about their sad past and how bad people hunt them and kill them for their horns. Only very few of them left now. Outside the rhino’s stable are the flamingos. I read it on the back of a cereal box before, that they are born white, and get their pink colour because they eat a lot of shrimp.

petting rabbitsWe saw a lot more animals, like kangaroos, turtles, different types of monkeys, bear, lion, snow tigers, black punter, ant eater, and all different birds. Because it was near Easter when we visited, the zoo had a section for petting rabbits too. They are so cute and fluffy. It was a great day out. We got very tired and all three of us fell asleep in the car on the way back to Nana’s.