Bee Happy

Schönbrunn Palace Easter 2019While we were on holiday in Hungary, we went to Vienna for a day. We went to see the Schönbrunn Palace. There was an Easter themed market on the castle grounds. We went in the park beside and behind the Palace. It is huge. The park was opened to the public around 1779. The park and the garden is over 1 km by 1km square. The palace and the garden was placed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1996.

We went through the maze. The original Maze was laid out around 1720, but it has changed a lot since. It is made of paths between tall, narrow hedges with dead-ends and false turns. It is a good idea that in the middle there is a raised platform, so people can see you and help to get out, in case you would get lost. L

Saw the Neptune Fountain and the great parterre.

The fountain was designed to be the crowning element of the Great Parterre. It is at the bottom of the hill behind the palace. From there, we went up to the Gloriette. It is like a humongous gate, on top of the hill. It is so big, there is a restaurant in the middle too.

From the Gloriette, from the top of the hill, there is a beautiful view of the Privy Garden. It is the beautiful flower garden behind the palace.

When we were done with the palace and the gardens, we headed back to Hungary. On the way home, we stopped in Gyor again, where we went to a Chinese restaurant. They have an actual robot waiter.Vienna with my family