Bee Happy

Virtual sports dayToday would have been our sports day in school. Because of the school being closed since March, and not open for the rest of the school year, they organized a virtual sports day instead. My teacher sent a list of recommended activities by email.

Since we couldn't do our sports activities at school, my sister and I did sports at home. We went for a cycle ride with mom. It was great to get out and about for a little while. We had been cocooning for so long. I did cartwheels and tried to teach Adel too. She is not so good at it yet, but she practices a lot. Her cartwheels always end up being handstands. We played on our swing and trapeze a lot too. A few days ago one of the seats from the swing broke. Luckily dad kept the one he took down when we got the trapeze. He was able to swap the broken one with it easily. Of course, we jumped a lot in the trampoline, it is my favorite toy in the garden. My sister and brother are mad about the climbing frame. They love to hang upside down on it for a long time. We also ran around a lot playing catch and tag. On the driveway, we had an egg and spoon race. I won't say who won it. laughing We have a great big garden, with enough space for all our toys and a lot more. Of course, we had to stay away from mom's vegetable garden. It makes the lockdown a lot of fun.

We had lots of fun. So we had our own sports day.