Bee Happy

Meeting the Minister for EducationOn Wednesday the 9th of May, we went to Dublin to meet the Minister for Education. We went to the Clock Tower. My daddy studied Software Development in LCFE, and won a competition and he won a prize. He was in the local newspaper too. 😁Unfortunately Minister Richard Bruton had to cancel, but we met Minister Mary Mitchell O'Connor. She was very nice. I was in the picture with daddy and other very important people. We drove to the Red Cow (it is not actually a red cow, just the name of the hotel). We went on the LUAS, it was fun when it went really fast. It was a bit slow in the city center. We got there early and I had a chocolate muffin with a flake. Then we walked to the Clock Tower. We saw the spire, it is like the giants needle. cool I got to chat to the ladies, they all said I look very pretty in my dress.